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Fabric Mask For COVID-19

We are making fabric mask for donation to those in need and for our customers! Stay safe stay healthy! Help spread the word and support your local business!

Solid Color Mask


Single Layer Solid $4.50


Double Layer Solid $6

Custom Mask (min 15 each)


Single Layer Custom Print $8


Double Layer Custom Print $12

Custom Print Wholesales order (min 100+)


Single Layer Custom Print ($4.50) + Shipping


2ply Fabric Mask Custom Print($6) + Shipping

Please forward this effort to as many people you know your social site, Next door, Facebook etc.

Follow us on Facebook to see update on how we making the mask.

As we start making our donations masks we keep list where we are donating yours and let you know Thank you again in helping save lives and making each other safe.

Here some meditation videos that I have made. Share them if it helps someone heal #LoveGivingPositivity

If you know anyone who would like to use our service please do let us know. Also Comforter are $20 the week! and let make everyone safe by ordering fabric Masks

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