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1. Schedule

a pickup.


Sign Up on our secure website or call us at  (510) 526-6844

Once your account is set up, we’ll assign your schedule pick up & delivery day and deliver a welcome kit to you on your first service. Put dirty items in the Green Bags and place it on the font door with the hook provided on the scheduled days.Your Welcome kit will include the following.

  • Green Bag.

  • Set of special care forms.

  • Delivery hook for your front door

  • Free pick-up & delivery guide brochure

  • Your scheduled pick-up & delivery day.​

2. Leave your Bag outside for pick up.


There is no need to be home so simply hang your garment bag at the front door with any special instructions. Be sure to have your bag out by 8 a.m. A Great American driver will pickup the items and log them into our computerized tracking system.

For offices or cooperate account leave your bags at the designated place for pick up.

3. Pick up & Delivery On your Scheduled Day.


On the next designated delivery day our driver will bring back your clean items and place them in agreed location. Our driver will also pick if you have left anything.

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